• Technology


    Student Devices

    Students are 1:2 for devices, meaning that each student from 3rd grade through 8th grade has an assigned Chromebook and iPad. Students from Kindergarten through 2nd grade are 1:1 with iPads and through use of shared devices learn the basics of Chromebook use and keyboard and mouse skills. CLS is a Google School and uses the Google Suite for Education as an important feature across the curriculum.


    Student & School Software

    CLS students learn to use technology seamlessly throughout their courses to communicate with teachers and classmates via Gmail and Alma, the CLS LMS & SIS (Learning Management System & School Information System), write and format academic papers using Google Docs, create presentations collaboratively using Canva and Google Slides, manage data through Google Forms and Sheets, and appropriately use Google Search for research in class. 


    Teacher & Classroom Devices

    All teachers are trained on the use of their classroom technology which includes: 

    • A Promethean touch screen display with wireless casting connection OR a Smart TV with wireless casting capability
    • An Elmo document viewer
    • Teacher computers and iPads


    Technology & Computer Science Curriculum

    We are excited to continue improving our instruction through by dedicating increased direct instruction of modern Computer Science courses for our students that will include curriculum from the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy, Code.org, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), and structured around the new PA STEELS standards (Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability). 


    Technology Extracurriculars & Electives

    Through our Robotics program, students are learning to program Lego Spike Prime and Essential robotics using block-based coding and Python. Our MakerSpace and STEAM program offers students hands-on coursework, and makes connections to what students are learning in their classrooms. Primary and Intermediate students are introduced to robotics, coding, and computational thinking.  Students learn to “think like an Engineer” and use the Engineering Design Process in mini challenges and large projects. Middle school students expand on those concepts and their coursework includes robotics, 3D design and printing, animation, and engineering. 


    University Collaboration & Support

    Faculty and staff from the Campus Lab School and Carlow University work to form collaborative relationships with many university departments. Our school benefits from the expertise and counsel of university faculty and students through internships, practicums, and training. These mutually beneficial partnerships continue to grow each year.


    The CLS also benefits greatly from our support from the Carlow University IT Department, which services and manages faculty, staff, and student devices. The IT staff also provides help desk services to faculty and staff. This relationship continues to deepen due to the collaboration of the CLS Technology Coordinator whose role is to provide dedicated support to the CLS.