• At The Campus Laboratory School, we offer two different preschool programs, Montessori and Reggio-Inspired. Both programs are guided by child-centered, inquiry based, and engaging early learning philosophies. In these multi-age classrooms, children work collaboratively with peers and individually. Children engage in meaningful explorations and conversations about their community and world. Each program is unique in its philosophy, yet common threads are evident in both.  Outdoor play and learning are an integral component of our preschool programs and children have daily access to our play yard and outdoor classroom.  Children in both programs also participate in music, fine arts, physical education, and world languages classes weekly.


  • Philosophy

  • 100 Languages

  • Collaborative Community

  • Child as Initiator of Learning

  • Teacher as Observer

  • Classroom is Third Teacher

  • Parents as Partners

  • Documentation


  • Philosophy

  • Montessori Materials

  • Multi-Age Classroom

  • Child-Directed Work

  • Uninterrupted Work Periods

  • Peace Education

  • Whole Child

  • Movement