Our Community

  • The Campus Laboratory School family grows stronger each year. Many of our students join The Campus Laboratory School upon the recommendation of family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues who have found an educational home for their children here. This connection is demonstrated through classroom instruction, communication with families, and community events.

    The school holds a shared vision that recognizes the need for balance in teaching styles and strategies to meet the needs of all learners. Active learning is encouraged over passive; cooperative learning in a social setting is favored over traditional teacher centered classrooms; and a conscious effort is made to foster independent learning. Intentional instruction allows for student growth and progress.

    Campus Laboratory School faculty and administration value open communication. Communication with families is ongoing, detailed, and relevant. Classroom communication provides insight into curriculum and student achievement. School newsletters and notifications offer information on school happenings and events, policies and procedures, and general education information.

    Community events form a large part of the social fabric of the Campus School. A strong and active Parent Teacher Association organizes opportunities for members of The Campus Laboratory School family to foster and build relationships, grow and develop, and support our school. Athletics and extracurricular programs further enhance The Campus Laboratory School experience.


  • Whether you are a parent, grandparent or community member, CLS welcomes you to our community!

    All School Volunteers must complete the following steps in accordance with the Diocese of Pittsburgh:

    1. Virtus ®Online Safe Environment database
    2. Child Abuse History Clearance
    3. FBI Clearance or Waiver
    4. Protecting God’s Children
    5. Mandated Reporter Training

    Further information from the Diocese can be found here: